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    jeannette sousa15 16

    seems to take particular notice of me as I look at him through the

    of it, among a family group, and you played it out at leisure

    ‘What do you mean?’ said I

    the subject I remained, therefore, in a state of considerable

    David Copperfield

    which I had slept—and torn besides—might have frightened the

    ‘Yes,’ he said ‘That’s right Quite right I should have been

    and about her being a scientific cupper, if I should ever have

    This was my only subject of anxiety, and I felt quite delighted

    boldly challenge society to set it right It appears to me, my dear

    cuttings of which were littered all over the floor There was a good

    guard vigilantly Ah! little did Mr Spenlow imagine, when he sat

    might have foreseen, that he prowls and wanders He’s as like

    me like closed eyes once bright And oh, how little need I had had

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    Mr Spiker was so interested, that he became quite stony

    If the funeral had been yesterday, I could not recollect it better

    came waddling round a sofa which stood between me and it, a

    you’ll let me—even when I come to fall in love in earnest’

    collar on He carried a jaunty sort of a stick, with a large pair of

    coach the night before, a delicate little hamper, amounting in

    as to bring her home She put out her hand to him as she spoke,

    we walked about on a Saturday afternoon Sometimes, for


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